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It was a fun class, at first I thought it was going to be boring, but it was actually fun.  We super like connected with her on a different level.            ~Kaylin

Dr. Rosché class was helpful for young ladies. It helped us really get to understand about ourselves, have confidence, and it really helped me grow more and made me look at different people more and help other people.            ~Destiny

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"Shine Bright Like A Diamond" 

Dr. Rosché has always showed a desire to help people.  She was asked to speak at our church (Providence Baptist Church) regarding everyday issues people face such as grief, teen suicide, depression, mental health issues, and both mental and physical abuse .  What was so interesting about Dr. Rosche's approach to addressing these issues was her ability to make individuals feel warm and open to talk.   In order to fix any problem, one must face the problem.  Dr. Rosché was able to let people know there is no reason to be ashamed about an issue because there is always a solution.  She also let her audience know that one is not crazy when seeking professional help.  She stressed how therapy is a great way to release stress without being judged or bias by someone you know.  Dr. Rosché was very professional and showed a very caring and sincere demeanor.  I was quite impressed with how she conducted her presentation which led me to pursuing my degree in Psychology and she was very helpful In tutoring me through my Stats class.  She's young, poised, diverse, innovative, and I highly recommend her services. 

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Dr. Rosché presented at our 2nd  (2015 and 2016) Annual Empowered Women's Conference at Solomon Temple Ministries International in Pittsburg, California.

She helped me to create a new way of thinking and shifted my mindset to know that's it's okay to love myself and set boundaries for anyone who is causing harm to my mental state. Dr. Rosché gave me tools that I can use to assist me with this process. Her teaching techniques were very impactful, fun, spiritual and empowering! 

I would highly recommend Dr. Rosché to speak to people who need to be empowered with loving themselves and knowing that their lives matter!  

Let me not forget her book... The 31 Day, Self Love Challenge.

God Bless you Dr. Rosché for my changing my life! 

Dr. Rosche is a phenomenal keynote speaker.  She is a beautiful person and a wonderful sister in Christ.  She has helped me with sharing some of her techniques as a therapist.  I have incorporated some of those techniques in the sessions that I have with couples. She has the tools to help people reach goals that have been set in their lives.Type your paragraph here.

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